When the U-19 national team squad meets Emha Ainun Nadjib …

When the U-19 national team squad meets Emha Ainun Nadjib …

The U-19 national team gets guests a bit of a shock Agen Togel Online. Cultural Emha Ainun Nadjib visited U-19 national team during training at UNY Field, Yogyakarta, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

Cak Nun, familiar greeting the cultural, columnist, and also poet, is actually a close relationship with U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri.

As the coach prepares Evan Dimas et al to compete in the AFC U-19 Cup in 2014, Cak Nun always gives encouragement and motivation so that the player’s mental is really strengthened.

“I have a close relationship with Cak Nun, a friend like you,” Indra Sjafri said.

“We consider him as a figure who can motivate and nurture the children,” said Indra who had a close conversation with the humanist.

Cak Nun also took pictures with the team. The players were scrambling to shake hands with the poet.

Indra had introduced Egy Maulana Vikri specifically to Cak Nun who is also known as a poet by poetry, short stories, and novels.

“I hope Cak Nun also provides motivation to the players, not only that, the song ‘Hati Garuda’ by Letto will be a song of encouragement of children in the locker room, on the bus,” said Indra.

Cak Nun delivered his arrival as a form of sympathy for the Garuda Muda Nusantara team who will fight on the AFF U-18 Cup in Myanmar.

“I sympathize and support the U-19 national team, I am really proud to hear them fight for the happiness of parents,” said Cak Nun.

“They want to make their mom happy, it’s been a tremendous motivation for them, so I’m optimistic for these kids, just like in the U-19 national team while performing in the AFC U-19 Cup, How they grow in football, “he said.

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