U-19 National Team Imbang with PSS Sleman, Indra Talk about the Quality of Squad

U-19 National Team Imbang with PSS Sleman, Indra Talk about the Quality of Squad

Test match between U-19 Indonesia against PSS Sleman ended in a draw with the score 2-2.

After the match, Indra Sjafri admitted happy because the quality of main players and the second is no different.

According to him, the match between U-19 national team against PSS Sleman run very interesting. In addition, in the game, he can try out the abilities of the substitute.

“We have a chance to try a second-level player to play and we are delighted to see they are no different, now only 28 players to 23 players to go to Myanmar,” U-19 national team coach Indra Sjafri told a press conference after the match on Saturday (8/12/2017).

In addition, Indra Sjafri revealed the reason to choose PSS Sleman as opposed to trial. According to him, it is in preparation to face the pressure of the host.

In the AFF Cup, Indonesia is a group with host Myanmar. Surely, Myanmar will get the full support of its supporters.

“First, I would like to thank PSS Sleman in the condition of the competition can help us to try out,” said Indra.

“For us, this test is of psychic and technical benefit, we are a group with Myanmar and certainly will be supported by the people and it will be crowded, the aura is here (PSS Sleman),” he said.

Indra Sjafri said, on Saturday (2/9/2017), U-19 national team will go to Myanmar to compete in AFF Cup.

Indra asked the people of Sleman to pray for U-19 national team can give the title of AFF Cup U-19.

“We in this opportunity also ask the people of Sleman pray for U-19 national team in order to give pride to the nation and country again,” he said.

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