Rose: Pochettino Greatly Awaits Game Against City

Rose: Pochettino Greatly Awaits Game Against City

Tottenham Hotspur fullback, Danny Rose admitted that coach Mauricio Pochettino is looking forward to the game against Manchester City.

In action next Sunday, City status as the team with the record for most wins in the Premier League. They have been unbeaten in 15 matches, and Rose is determined to bring his team to an end.

“This challenge is highly anticipated by the coach. In games like this, he knows that he will definitely get 100 percent focus from all players. Because there will be many eyes who watch us in the game this weekend, “said Rose.

“This season, in away games against top teams, we have failed to show our best. So with a little confidence and a record of three consecutive wins we won last week, we are confident of achieving great results over City. “

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