Rabiot: Verratti and Motta Helped My Development

Rabiot: Verratti and Motta Helped My Development

PSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot admits that playing with Thiago Motta and Marco Verratti has helped improve his performance.

The French midfielder managed to win a place in the starting XI Unai Emery. He played as a midfielder, in the formation of three midfielders who were carried by the coach, and he admitted that it has helped a lot of his game development.

“By just looking at their game, every day my game has improved,” the midfielder told reporters.

“Motta is a player who never loses his composure. He plays with his head up, has a special game vision, and great bait quality. ”

“Verratti has more freedom to appear to attack, relying on the quality of his excellent long pass.”

“I might be able to combine better with Motta, where his position on the pitch is close to me.

“I like the idea of ​​saying that I am a representative of both players, where I still have my own characteristics.”

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