Pallotta: Sabatini Does not Want Spalletti

Pallotta: Sabatini Does not Want Spalletti

The president of Rome, James Palotta grabbed himself feeling both odd and funny when he saw Walter Sabatini and Luciano Spalletti united at Inter Merawat Kulit Wajah.

Speaking to the media, Palotta explained if Sabatini disagreed with Spalletti’s return to Rome last year when he was still the sport’s director.

“Sabataini? Sorry that our relationship was broken, but we did have a different way to work, “Pallotta admitted.

“It’s a shame because I always like Walter as a person and he continues to like me.

“But I really feel weird and funny that I was a pressing figure for Spalletti’s appointment and he did not agree at all, but now both are together at Inter. It’s so beautiful … “

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