“Liverpool vs Manchester United’s Largest Test”

“Liverpool vs Manchester United’s Largest Test”

Gary Neville has a different view with Jose Mourinho related Liverpool vs Manchester United match in the eighth week of the English League on Saturday (14/10/2017) Kaisarjudi99.com.

Mourinho had issued a statement that the game against Liverpool will only be a regular game.

Nothing special for Mourinho although the game is still a big match considering the hot rivalry of both clubs.

Neville also expressed his opinion ahead of the game.

“This match is Manchester United’s biggest test of the season,” said Neville as reported by BolaSport.com from Skysports.com.

The former Man United captain has two reasons for that.

First, playing at Anfield Stadium is a test both mentally and physically.

The intensity of Liverpool vs Manchester United’s match at the stadium is very high.

The atmosphere of the game makes the players of both clubs reluctant to lose.

Neville even claimed to not like the game against Liverpool when still actively playing for Man United.

“There are too many things at stake for the game, you are only happy if you can win at Anfield,” said Neville.

Second, Liverpool became the big club that faced Man United this season.

“This match will determine how Man United face big parties like against Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur later,” said Neville.

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