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RD Acknowledge Offers From Persib Bandung

RD Acknowledge Offers From Persib Bandung

Ex coach Indonesia U23 national team, Rahmad Darmawan will be called Persib Bandung tactics tactics for next season

Coach of the Malaysian Super League club, the T-Team also acknowledged an offer for him from Persib management.

“I was only two days in Indonesia because of the competition leave in Malaysia. Problem Persib, there is communication that exists. However, we should see it later because I still have a contract with T-Team, “said Rahmat

The man who is familiarly called RD admits that his contract with the new T-Team will be over 2018. He successfully rescued his team from the relegation degradation.

Not only Rahmad, Persib still have other candidates as a coach candidate. This was revealed by the Commissioner of PT. UN, Zaenuri Hasyim.

But Zaenuri did not want to detail clearly who the names are rumored to be coach Persib next season is.

Luis Milla Wants Players to Show a Positive Attitude

Luis Milla Wants Players to Show a Positive Attitude

Indonesia national team coach, Luis Milla, admits that the good behavior of each player is the most important for him. It was pronounced Milla in a press conference pralaga Indonesia national team against Fiji at Aston Hotel, Bekasi, Friday (01/09/2017).

The match also became the fourth time for Milla to lead the team in an international test match. Previously, Indonesia against Myanmar, Cambodia, and Puerto Rico.

“Three days of preparation is very tight, but the more important is the player can show a positive attitude,” said Milla.

“The players should be able to apply the concept that like the U-22 national team that was prepared for seven months and that’s enough,” said the Spaniard.

Given FIFA rankings, Indonesia is in the 175th round. Meanwhile Fiji ranked 181th.

The international test match between Indonesia counter Fiji will be held at Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (2/10/2017). The party will be broadcast live by RCTI starting at 16.00 WIB

When the U-19 national team squad meets Emha Ainun Nadjib …

When the U-19 national team squad meets Emha Ainun Nadjib …

The U-19 national team gets guests a bit of a shock Agen Togel Online. Cultural Emha Ainun Nadjib visited U-19 national team during training at UNY Field, Yogyakarta, Tuesday (15/08/2017).

Cak Nun, familiar greeting the cultural, columnist, and also poet, is actually a close relationship with U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri.

As the coach prepares Evan Dimas et al to compete in the AFC U-19 Cup in 2014, Cak Nun always gives encouragement and motivation so that the player’s mental is really strengthened.

“I have a close relationship with Cak Nun, a friend like you,” Indra Sjafri said.

“We consider him as a figure who can motivate and nurture the children,” said Indra who had a close conversation with the humanist.

Cak Nun also took pictures with the team. The players were scrambling to shake hands with the poet.

Indra had introduced Egy Maulana Vikri specifically to Cak Nun who is also known as a poet by poetry, short stories, and novels.

“I hope Cak Nun also provides motivation to the players, not only that, the song ‘Hati Garuda’ by Letto will be a song of encouragement of children in the locker room, on the bus,” said Indra.

Cak Nun delivered his arrival as a form of sympathy for the Garuda Muda Nusantara team who will fight on the AFF U-18 Cup in Myanmar.

“I sympathize and support the U-19 national team, I am really proud to hear them fight for the happiness of parents,” said Cak Nun.

“They want to make their mom happy, it’s been a tremendous motivation for them, so I’m optimistic for these kids, just like in the U-19 national team while performing in the AFC U-19 Cup, How they grow in football, “he said.

U-19 National Team Imbang with PSS Sleman, Indra Talk about the Quality of Squad

U-19 National Team Imbang with PSS Sleman, Indra Talk about the Quality of Squad

Test match between U-19 Indonesia against PSS Sleman ended in a draw with the score 2-2.

After the match, Indra Sjafri admitted happy because the quality of main players and the second is no different.

According to him, the match between U-19 national team against PSS Sleman run very interesting. In addition, in the game, he can try out the abilities of the substitute.

“We have a chance to try a second-level player to play and we are delighted to see they are no different, now only 28 players to 23 players to go to Myanmar,” U-19 national team coach Indra Sjafri told a press conference after the match on Saturday (8/12/2017).

In addition, Indra Sjafri revealed the reason to choose PSS Sleman as opposed to trial. According to him, it is in preparation to face the pressure of the host.

In the AFF Cup, Indonesia is a group with host Myanmar. Surely, Myanmar will get the full support of its supporters.

“First, I would like to thank PSS Sleman in the condition of the competition can help us to try out,” said Indra.

“For us, this test is of psychic and technical benefit, we are a group with Myanmar and certainly will be supported by the people and it will be crowded, the aura is here (PSS Sleman),” he said.

Indra Sjafri said, on Saturday (2/9/2017), U-19 national team will go to Myanmar to compete in AFF Cup.

Indra asked the people of Sleman to pray for U-19 national team can give the title of AFF Cup U-19.

“We in this opportunity also ask the people of Sleman pray for U-19 national team in order to give pride to the nation and country again,” he said.

Bomber Indonesia U-22 National Team Opportunity Join West Ham United

Bomber Indonesia U-22 National Team Opportunity Join West Ham United

Premier League club West Ham United has given a chance to trial to former Ajax Amsterdam academy player Ezra Walian Indonesia this weekend Situs Poker Online.

The 19-year-old can play either a main striker or a right-wing striker and is a player with a free agent status after his contract at Ajax Amsterdam runs out at the end of June.

The leading media Dailymail even lowered the short story with the caption “West Ham took on former Ajax star Ezra Walian as a loan player”. But not explained in detail about the agreement.

As an attacking player, Ezra was able to show excellent potential when defending Ajax Amsterdam, where he scored 11 goals in 22 matches for the club’s youth team last season.

Born in Amsterdam, Walian had represented the Dutch national team at U-19 level, but now he is allowed to strengthen the Indonesian national team after obtaining his nationality through a naturalization program.

If able to satisfy West Ham United Slaven Bilic manager, then Ezra will have a chance to get a professional contract at the club. And it will open up an opportunity for him to pursue a great career in one of the best competitions in the world.

Join the SEA Games team

Talent owned by Ezra not only sniffed by The Hammers. In addition to a trial with West Ham, he also received an invitation to undergo a trial at other English clubs namely Bolton Wanderers and Hull City.

Trial process that lived Ezra Walian in West Ham made it too late to join the squad Indonesia U-22 national team for the SEA Games 2017. Ezra is included in the list of names who called Luis Milla in the final training camp ahead of the SEA Games.

But on Wednesday (9/8/2017) Ezra has confirmed his journey from London to Jakarta. The Manado-Dutch cross-border striker was scheduled to take part in training with Luis Milla’s squad on Thursday (10/08/2017).

The Hammers are ready to release Snodgrass

West Ham United themselves are trying to improve their squad in the transfer market this summer. Unsatisfactory last season’s achievements have made the Hammers ambitious to get a competitive team in order to boost their position in the Premier League standings this season.

England’s influential goalkeeper Joe Hart has been brought in by the London club, as well as the opportunist striker Javier Hernandez. But West Ham United are also planning to release some players to give space in their squad, with Robert Snodgrass becoming one of the most likely names to be released.

The player just joined West Ham United last season, but they are open to listen to the offer for the Scot in the remainder of the transfer window this time. Several clubs have been interested in getting Snodgrass, but Aston Villa are rumored to be the most likely club to get it. (Source: Daily Mail)

Sriwijaya FC and Persipura Coach Both Receive Results Balance

Pelatih Persipura Wanderley memberi keterangan pers seusai laga versus Sriwijaya FC, Minggu (30/7/2017).

Sriwijaya FC and Persipura Coach Both Receive Results Balance

Sriwijaya FC finally withheld the ambition of Persipura Jayapura to earn three points and won the season champion in Gelora Sriwijaya Jakabaring on Sunday (30/7/2017) afternoon Agen Sbobet Terpercaya.

Yuu Hyun-koo and his friends held off a 2-2 draw at Roma. Goal Sriwijaya FC printed Alberto Gonzalves in the 66th minute and 78th. The goal printed Persipura Addison Alves De Oliveira in the 45th minute and John Pahabol in the 87th minute.

“This game is extraordinary, it was a 2-1 lead but it was also a draw with Persipura, thanks also supporters,” said Hartono Ruslan, coach of Sriwijaya FC.

“I did the rotation of the players because the schedule of Sriwijaya FC is also quite solid,” said the coach about his team’s policy on the game.

Meanwhile, Wanderley Junior admitted quite disappointed with the balance in the headquarters of Sriwijaya FC.

“Yes actually every coach wants to win, but this is football, can also be a draw,” he said.

Persipura stuck in second position with a collection of 31 points from 17 matches, one point behind from Madura United.

Position Persipura still vulnerable displaced by Bali United who collected 29 points from the new will play the match of the 17th week at the headquarters Persegres Gresik United, Monday (31/7/2017).

Front Line Barren, Persib Hunting Striker Anyar

Front Line Barren, Persib Hunting Striker Anyar

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar, felt the absence of a pure striker to be the source of front-line problems his team. Persib intend to bring in new strikers in the first half of League 2017.

The lack of team goals scored by Maung Bandung is one result of the absence of a powerful giddy interpreter. Umuh assess Persib actually have many opportunities against Persija Jakarta, Saturday (07/22/2017).

However, Umuh argued, not maximally the final settlement made only one goal created goal Persija. He hopes Persib luck changed with the presence of new striker after the half of the season.

“We also do not have a pure striker, we are overwhelmed in the future, but the opportunity is quite a lot, but just wasted,” said Umuh, as reported by Persib official website.

Carlton Cole, the only remaining pure striker, still can not be expected to be Persib’s goal machine. Umuh currently admits looking for new attackers to improve the Persib graphics.

“We will bring hopeful strikers as expected, because without a pure striker will be like this, trouble scoring goals,” said Umuh.

“The striker is coming, I am calm, because it will definitely bring changes, who and when will come nantilah We are still talking with management,” he explained.

League 2: Persebaya Smash 2 Players Toward the Second Round

Persebaya Surabaya mencoret Mardiono dan Rahmat Latief.

League 2: Persebaya Smash 2 Players Toward the Second Round

Persebaya Surabaya cut the player in the transfer market league 2 Sbobet Casino Terpercaya. Bajul Ijo crossed out Mardiono and Rahmat Latief because it is considered not wholeheartedly.

“From the beginning we want players who play wholeheartedly, if their hearts are already forked we should let them off, we hope the best for both of them,” said manager Persebaya, Chairul Basalamah.

Based on the reasons received by this man who often called Abud, Latief left Persebaya on the grounds of wanting to be close to the family, because recently his wife gave birth to a daughter.

While Mardiono quibble want to improve careers at other clubs. He lost his place in the first team after Angel Alvredo Vera replaced Iwan Setiawan. Players who are often called Nono it must give place to Kurniawan Karman.

Starting from the contract last May, Mardiono recorded only one full play 90 minutes. The figure from Padang did it in a duel against Persepam Madura. Unlike Rahmat Latief who always be a starter in the first round of League 2.

With this decision, Persebaya already crossed out three players. Before Mardiono and Rahmat Latief, management fired Rahmad Afandi.